Durham Center For Senior Life

Font choice was my first consideration when making this logo. Readability is especially important when considering an audience with limited vision. I chose the Gotham typeface because of its large counters and simple design.

Green is the color of life. We equate green with growth, health, and renewal. DCSL offers a chance at t afresh experience to an audience that doesn’t often get a chance to try something new. The aim of using green is to evoke feelings of fulfillment and rejuvenation.

Health, friendship, and personal fulfillment are the promise that DCSL offers. I believe that those are all achieved largely in part because of the community that it offers. This is what I am trying to illustrate with the acronym’s design. I chained the letters together to symbolize unity, serving as a metaphor for the DCSL community.

Boone Cruise

I put this logo together for a friend in college who was starting a dog walking business. The only guidelines for the logo were that it had to be text based, and they preferred orange. I chose the font because I wanted something fun and relaxed, and so that I could work the paw print into the B. I added the wavy division between in the letters to convey a sense of motion.